Testimonials from our Building Biology Students & Graduates

Kara Kieley (The Healthy Home Co)

Narelle McDonald (Wellness at Home)


Deanne Hislop (Building Biology WA)

Bronwyn Bennett (Creating Healthy Spaces)


Raphael Siket (Ecolibria)


Testimonials from our Students

Zoe (Secondary School Teacher)

Nineta (Naturopath)


Nickie (Nutritionist)

Marco (Electrician)


James Kelly (Personal Trainer)

Amr (Engineer)


Aleena (Radiographer)  


A great course that serves a niche, yet very important area between health and construction practitioners. In particular I liked the practical component of the course in the selection and use of healthier building materials and design principles. Air and water pollution subjects were also enjoyable and informative as I could directly relate them to my profession as an architect.

Rory Martin | (Architect)

As an interior designer, I have become increasingly concerned about how the built environment affects my client's health. ACES provided me with the practical and theoretical tools to confidently conduct assessments and to help improve the spaces and lives of my clients. It is truly a life-changing course. Highly recommended!

Robyn Church | (Feng Shui Consultant)

Studying with ACES has been a life changing experience - for the better! The support, knowledge, depth of experience and passion of the staff and lecturers is commendable, and I would like to thank all the lecturers for their efforts. And, then there is Nicole at the helm. Nicole, I think you truly are an amazing, inspirational woman. I find your vision, passion, dedication, incredible knowledge and commitment to raising people’s awareness of health hazards, and therefore improving the lives and health of others, is admirable and praiseworthy. Wow!

Olga Flamuraj | (Interior Designer)

What I liked most about the Feng Shui course was the support from both students and teachers and whilst I found it challenging and rewarding, the course delivery, manuals and lecturers were excellent and easy to follow. Nicole and Katina are lovely personalities and their combined knowledge was amazing.Thank you for an inspiring two years!

Kate Llewellyn Creevey | (Feng Shui Consultant, NSW)

The Feng Shui course had a wide approach to the living environment and the Healthy Home and Chinese Astrology subjects were very interesting. The course was great and exceeded my expectations.

David Baena Valencia | (Architect, NSW)

This course provided me with so much more that I had anticipated. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world, especially on modern fengshui (healthy homes). The guidance from the trainerswere much appreciated.I strongly recommend this course. You will be supported all the way!

Dianne Elson | (Feng Shui Consultant, QLD)

I absolutely LOVED the building biology course! The course was well presented and loaded with interesting information that is highly relevant in today’s world. Nicole and Raphael are excellent teachers with comprehensive knowledge of Building Biology. Highly recommended!

Samantha Crothers | (Interior Designer, VIC)

I would highly recommend the building biology course. The course provided up to date evidence based scientific research. The trainers were highly experienced in their field and provided useful practical advice and tips. The materials are thorough and fully researched.

Mary Leet | (Feng Shui Consultant and author)

In doing this course I gained knowledge and a change in my level of awareness of the toxins in our build environment. I feel much more informed and can apply these principles in my work as a Building Designer. The resources and templates have been of great help to me. The assessments are comprehensive and valuable with a high level of research, something you would expect from a University degree and equips ACES students with the values of research.

The Building Biology course has been “the icing on the cake” for my educational process to become a Biological Building Designer. This course has prepared me and equipped me with the tools and skills I need to provide genuinely healthy building designs.

The teachers offered guidance, as well as a passion, with the objective to help ourselves as students, as well as everyone in our community to be aware of built environmental toxins and how to make better choices for the health of us all.

Joanne Galea | (Building Designer, QLD)

Empowerment via education and information. Knowledge that can help others make a difference. I would recommend the Building Biology course, the college and the trainers to anyone willing to discover issues about the environment, the inadequacies of government regulation, and what we need to do to improve the health of our family, friends and community.

Bronwyn Bennett | (Building Biologist)

The Building Biology course has opened my eyes to the world around me! Shopping experiences, household maintenance and use of technology will never be the same now that I am armed with such useful and valuable information. I look forward to sharing my knowledge to help others and bring humanity back in sync with nature and the planet.

Tanya Heaton | Building Biologist

Having studied both Building Biology and Feng Shui at the college, I have gained a vast body of knowledge and skills that will augment my existing building business. The subjects were very comprehensive and the teachers were extremely passionate, professional and helpful and got to know you as an individual. I was also fortunate to have met a group of supportive and inspiring students from all walks of life. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to study here!

Narelle McDonald | Building Biologist and runs a Building Business

I have studied Feng Shui with many Masters both in Australia and abroad. Studying Feng Shui at ACES was however the best decision I ever made. The assignment and study workload was considerable, but having been in the industry now for many years and actively involved in the Feng Shui Association, I continue to use the resources I developed whilst studying the course at ACES every day in my Feng Shui consultancy. The course helped prepare me for working as a Feng Shui Consultant on a full-time basis. Nicole, Katina, Raphael and Vic were so generous with their knowledge and were always available for clarification and answering any queries I had.

Carolyn McCallum | Full time Feng Shui Consultant

Thank you greatly for the fantastic weekend filled with enormous amounts of information regarding air-sampling as a building biologist. I found the information interesting, useful, relevant, professionally presented and despite the complex topics of chemical and biological hazards and testing methods were easy to understand. Raphael and Nicole shared a wealth of knowledge with us, were very friendly and approachable, and made the intensive not only interesting and valuable, but also fun. No questions remained unanswered, practical parts were explained and demonstrated well and as simple as possible. Despite large numbers, every participant got hands-on experience with the latest equipment which was an invaluable experience. Well worth the trip from Queensland and highly recommendable!

Birgit Richards | German trained Building Biologist

The lectures were entertaining and motivating; at times I felt I was hanging on their every word! I appreciate the way the lecturers used case studies to make it real which made it easy to apply to my own situation and life. Nicole’s knowledge and passion were infectious and the information was life changing. I feel really confident to go out and practise Feng Shui with the knowledge and skills I have gained through this course.

Kate Creevey

I studied at ACES as it was the only Building Biology course of study that was government accredited in Australia. The qualification has been the foundation of my career since 2006 and I have been able to run a full time Building Biology business on a national level because of it. The government accredited qualification has enabled me to work as an expert witness in court and has provided me with the necessary accreditation required in this field. I found everyone at the college to be incredibly passionate and supportive in my journey and would whole heartedly recommend the Building Biology course of study.

Raphael Siket | Building Biologist and Lecturer at ACES

I found the Sacred Space subject interesting and informative. Katina was a fantastic teacher who inspired and motivated the class. Her knowledge was exceptional and she is very talented at being able to deliver the information to her students. I would highly recommend this course for the information, the teachers and the fantastic people you meet.

Sarah Webber

Nicole, the people you have working for you in the Building Biology course at ACES are an absolute credit to you. I found Raphael and Katina to be amazing tutors who always took the time to explain concepts that I hadn’t fully understood.

Jeanette Williams | Building Biologist

The feng shui course was incredibly comprehensive thanks to the detailed manuals, videos and field trips. All of the teachers were experienced and passionate about their subjects and went out of their way to be helpful. Keep up the good work guys!

Catherine Ray | Feng Shui Consultant

I am so excited to have completed the Feng Shui course at ACES as it has provided me with an amazing insight into a variety of areas – tradiational feng shui, geomancy, healthy homes – that I am very passionate about. Life changing. Thank you.

Christine McGregor | Feng Shui Consultant

For anyone who has an interest in Feng Shui but can’t find the answers they’re looking for, ACES is the place to go. I thought it would be the end of my search for knowledge but to my amazement, it turned out to be only the beginning. I loved the people, the experience and would do it all again just for the fun of it!

Shayne Scopel | Feng Shui Consultant

I absolutely loved the course, I knew it was going to be good, but it blew my mind! I loved the classes but most of all I loved learning and sharing experiences with you two wonderful and wise ladies. You are more life coaches than FS teachers!! This course has been a big eye opener and a huge asset to my career! I can´t wait to use all of this new knowledge in my designs. My clients are going to love it! Thank you Nicole and Katina!!!

Melanie Pinto | Architect

I am grateful for all I learnt at the college and I look back always with a warm heart and gratitude. The course has been an intrinsic part of my journey and I would recommend it sincerely.

Ivana Bau | Interior Designer & Space Clearer

As a result of the confusion and misinformation l came across from reading various books, and doing workshops with a number of Masters, I finally studied Feng Shui at ACES in 1999. Little did l know this was a major turning point in my life! Since that time, I have created a successful feng shui practice, spoken at many Feng Shui conferences and lectured at ACES over many years. The variety of backgrounds and ages of students the college attracts speaks for itself. The support is a stand out before, during, and after a student enrols, and the all rounded sources of information for both practical and theoretical aspects of the courses run at the college truly prepares graduates to be able to begin their careers with the knowledge and skills they require in the ‘real’ world!

Katina Benis | Feng Shui Consultant and Lecturer at ACES

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