As a registered training organisation, the college will continue to provide on campus training during COVID lockdown as permitted by the Department of Education and Training.

The Australian College of Environmental Studies is a registered training organisation (21740) established in 1999 as a result of a need to educate people about the health hazards in the built environment.We offer ground breaking, innovative courses incorporating the latest scientific evidence and technologies that enable our graduates to establish financially rewarding careers that improve the health of the community. In 2005, our building biology and feng shui courses became the first and only government (nationally) accredited courses in Australia. With flexible study options you can study with us anytime, anywhere. Our comprehensive manuals and interactive videos, in addition to our on-campus training with our team of passionate experts, makes learning enjoyable, attracting participants from all over the globe. Course Brochure.

Advanced Diploma of Building Biology (10194NAT)  This nationally accredited course has been developed to provide the knowledge and the skills to conduct assessments in mould, electromagnetic fields, allergens, chemicals, lead dust and noxious gases in the built environment. It is a two year full time (four year part time) course consisting of eleven subjects (1800 hours). Read more Certificate IV in Feng Shui (10189NAT)  This nationally accredited course is the most comprehensive, government accredited feng shui course in Australia specifically designed to create practitioners at the highest level. It is a ten month full time (two year part time) course consisting of six subjects. Austudy is available to eligible participants. Apply through Centrelink. Read more 

Mould Testing Technician Course (BLDBIO605) This is the first and only nationally accredited mould testing course in Australia, that has been developed to provide the knowledge and the skills to conduct assessments of water-damaged buildings. This involves understanding the health effects arising from exposure to dampness, conducting a site inspection for moisture sources and mapping, establishing the boundary of fungal particulate spread, undertaking air, dust and surface sampling, analysing laboratory results and writing professional reports.  It involves 4 days on-campus PLUS 12 weeks of online training (150 hours). Read more Electromagnetic Field Testing Technician Course (BLDBIO602) This nationally accredited course has been developed to provide the knowledge and the skills to assess and make recommendations to mitigate AC magnetic fields and radiofrequencies in the built environment. The course consists of two subjects (Electricity Fundamentals and Electrobiology), involving 24 weeks of online training PLUS 4 days on campus. Read more  

Building a Healthy Home Course (BLDBIO604/607)New energy efficient homes frequently experience condensation-related issues, poor indoor air quality and elevated electromagnetic fields. Consisting of two subjects (Building Materials and Building Design), this 24 week nationally accredited course will provide the knowledge and key principles that underpin a healthy home, from choosing the right block of land to preventing moisture-related problems, reduce toxicant exposure and provide solutions to minimise exposure to electromagnetic fields (240 hours).Read more 

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