The Electromagnetic Field Testing Technician course provides the theoretical and practical knowledge that underpin the fundamentals of electricity, the various sources of electromagnetic fields that affect the built environment, how to measure these frequencies using the latest technology and how to reduce one's exposure.

You will learn about the various exposure standards, why they are inadequate and how Australia compares with other more progressive countries. You will learn the latest evidence regarding the mechanism of action and adverse health effects associated with exposure to AC magnetic fields and radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. The course consists of two subjects (one online and one on-campus) and is approximately 250 hours in duration. Students will be required to attend a 4 day on-campus training program in order to fulfil the practical component of the Electrobiology subject which is held in Melbourne or Sydney (click HERE for the 2020 timetable). Students must complete the Electricity Fundamentals subject online, before they are eligible to attend the Electrobiology subject. Upon successful completion, students will receive a nationally accredited Statement of Attainment, the "Certified Electromagnetic Field Testing Technician" certificate and card (to show prospective clients they have undertaken a nationally accredited course). The subjects for this course form part of the Advanced Diploma of Building Biology (10194NAT).


You are required to be at least 18 years of age; apart from that, there are no prerequisites and we assume no previous knowledge or experience as an electrician or electrical engineer.


Subject Cost Online /On campus Student Learning Guide Prerequisite
Electricity Fundamentals $795 Online Download No
Electrobiology $1,695 On campus (4 days) Yes (Electricity Fundamentals)


The assessments have been specifically designed to ensure you have the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct electromagnetic field testing for electromagnetic fields that impact the built environment. These include an online quiz, questionnaire, checklist and report. You will receive a Statement of Attainment following successful completion of the unit of competency.


Total cost is $2,490 which includes access to manuals, videos of the lectures and access to a trainer. Upfront payment for the course is not required, rather you pay as you enrol in each subject. Part payment option is available for the Electrobiology subject.


Successful completion of the Electricity Fundamentals and Electrobiology subjects will be credited towards the Advanced Diploma of Building Biology (10194NAT).

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