What can I expect to get from the course?

(10189NAT) Certificate IV in Feng Shui you will receive a government accredited qualification. Not only will you be confident with the traditional and modern schools of Feng Shui, you will also be experienced in dowsing for geopathic stress, and the ability to create a sacred space. Furthermore you will be able to educate your client about the health hazards that exist in their homes from cosmetics and cleaning products to AC magnetic field exposure. As part of your training, you will gain access to our comprehensive manuals, videos of the lectures, access to a trainer and on campus field training. 

How does the course differ to other Feng Shui courses?

  1. Receive a government accredited feng shui qualification - the only one of its kind in Australia.
  2. Students maybe eligible to receive financial assistance from the government in the way of Austudy (refer to Centrelink for eligibility).
  3. Our Feng Shui course is far longer in duration than any of our competitors and is equivalent to 800 hours (10 months full time or two years part time) and yet we are similarly priced!
  4. This is not a one man show. You will draw on the knowledge and skills of an extensive array of experienced teachers and consultants. Furthermore as a recognised training organisation, all of our staff are required to have formal training in teaching in order to be eligible to teach at tertiary level.
  5. Extensive support during your training. For each subject, you will be assigned your own trainer with which you can obtain feedback. Alternatively our admin staff have formal Feng Shui qualifications and can also assist you with any queries.
  6. Our manuals and videos of the lectures truly make learning easy. Most of our manuals are 200 to 300 pages long with built in-tutorials. The videos enable you to rewatch a lecture as many times as you want. By the end of the training program you can be sure that you will receive the highest level of training.
  7. Unlike other courses, you will gain the knowledge, skills and practical hands on training to become a confident and competent practitioner in the field of both traditional and modern Feng Shui. This is why we attract students from all over the world.
  8. We have a diverse range of expert teaching staff who are not only experienced in their field, but able to teach with passion and experience. As such we can assure that you won't get a biased approach to Feng Shui.

Why is this course so much longer than other Feng Shui courses?

To become competent, a feng shui practitioner requires a solid theoretical and practical training in a variety of traditional schools. This must include field trips, case discussion, and a solid foundation in Form, Compass and Flying star school amongst others. Consequently the course is 800 hours in duration which is significantly longer than any other course available. Not surprisingly, college graduates form the great majority of feng shui consultants in the Australian marketplace, and were instrument in establishing both Feng Shui Associations. It also explains why the college attracts feng shui practitioners who wish to upskill and students from all over the world. To become a competent practitioner, students not only need to learn the theoretical principles and practices of both traditional and modern Feng Shui, they also require extensive practical training in the way of field trips and excursions to be able to conduct audits competently. By consistently gaining feedback from their tutor, they will be able to fine tune their skills until they become competent in practising this ancient art. Furthermore, a consultant requires time to experiment and test the knowledge and skills they have been given in order to experiment with changes in their own homes and those of their friends and family. This is not possible with a short 5 day course regardless of who you study with.

Can I do single subjects?

Yes many of our students chose single subjects out of general interest. If you do not wish to receive a qualification, then you are not required to complete any of the assessments for that subject, so sit back and soak it up!

Can I do the course online?

The (10189NAT) Certificate IV in Feng Shui is a multimedia interactive course available online anywhere in the world. You may start the course at any time during the year. There are six subjects in the course: five core and one elective subject.
Core subjects include: Feng Shui Foundations, Advanced Feng Shui, Healthy Home, Geobiology and Create a Sacred Space.
Electives subjects: choose either Chinese Astrology Foundations or Business Smarts.
Each subject includes access to the course materials and videos of the lectures. In order to fulfil the practical nature of the course, you will be required to attend 6 weekends in Sydney OR Melbourne OR a 9 day workshop at the Gold Coast. Refer to the timetable for the dates.

Can I do some subjects online and some on campus?

Yes. There are four subjects available online: Feng Shui Foundations, Healthy Home, Chinese Astrology Foundations and Business Smarts.

Do I need to buy any books or instruments to do the course?

There are very few Feng Shui books on the market that we would actually recommend. The manuals you receive for each subject are very extensive (up to 300 pages long). The more you read on Feng Shui, the more confusing it gets, so students don't need to read extensively before they do the course. You will be required to use a suitable compass (it must have 360 degree striations in order to be able to obtain measurements within the degree) which is available through the college shop. You will also be required to purchase a gauss meter in order to assess electromagnetic fields which you will be trained to use in the Healthy Home subject.

I have not studied for many years. Will I be able to cope?

Most of our students are mature age many of whom have not studied for many years, or even decades. We have addressed this issue by providing you with a student handbook outlining college policies and procedures, as well as how to write an essay and use the Harvard referencing system. Writing essays and referencing can be challenging the first time round, so students are welcome to discuss any concerns with our staff. We can give you examples of good essay writing and steer you in the right direction. With each subject you will be assigned a trainer with whom you can ask questions during the 14 week period.

How much homework is involved?

Do not underestimate the time it will take for you to successfully complete this course. All students should set aside around 9 hours of homework per week over 14 weeks to complete each subject.

Do I need computer skills?

Yes, we assume that you are able to gain access to and be able to use a computer in order to write reports, download the course materials and upload your assessments online. You should be able to use Word in order to type your reports. If you are not familiar with how to use a computer, we suggest you consider doing a short course at a Tafe or Neighbourhood community house before, or whilst you are doing the course.

Do you have campuses in other states?

Whilst head office is located in Melbourne, the Feng Shui course is also offered in Sydney and the Gold Coast (Queensland).

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